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Established in 2002, the J Carter Marketing platform is focused on News sites and reaches over 100 million users in the US on Desktop and Mobile display placements. Guaranteed and non-guaranteed direct placements are available on a moment's notice. J Carter Marketing's custom-crafted technology, AdFrontiers, allows for rapid campaign deployment, data collection, and complete transparency.

The J Carter Marketing News Channel is segmented into specific verticals; Business, Sports, Health, Lifestyles and Entertainment, All of which contribute to its Local and National News focus. Innovative technology and excellent around-the-clock customer service make the J Carter Marketing platform the ultimate source for online Desktop & Mobile display inventory. Audience Data

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J Carter Marketing is looking to buy preemptive / non-guaranteed advertising display space from high quality online publishers. We are looking for inventory in the 300x250, 160x600, 728x90, and 320x50 or 300x50 positions. We are looking to target Run of Site Desktop traffic and/or Run of Site MobileWeb traffic. This would be for a US only audience though we often have needs for International traffic as well. We strive to consistently establish high-level, long-term deals with our trusted publishers.

As one of the most experienced, established online advertising partners in the industry, we understand the ever-changing marketplace and the evolving needs of today’s online publisher. Since 2001, J Carter Marketing has created flexible ways for our publishers to fill in any revenue gaps they may be facing. We also understand that our publisher's needs are constantly changing. So too are the tools and technology we utilize to support our growing family of online publishers.

JCM provides flat-rate, CPM solutions that create predictable ECPMs and fill-rates. This allows our publishers the ability to control their own demand priority by utilizing a custom default set-up. This solution is usually best for the publisher that wants to control their own set-up and actively monetize their own inventory. Flat Rate CPM payment structures make sure that a steady stream of revenue is constantly flowing. Publishers with limited amounts of inventory may consider a flat rate CPM rate their best choice as it will continually add a sure and steady amount of monthly revenue. By having a flat rate payment structure our publishers can then plan and integrate this new steady revenue with their existence in-house sales efforts. We provide all our publishers a login to the AdFrontiers platform so they can be assured of their daily revenue earned.

We also provide variable-rate, dynamic CPM (dCPM), 100% fill solutions. Publishers’ long-tail display campaigns maintain high quality throughout a users experience. Our experts monetize the publishers display inventory while the publishers sit back and monitor the revenues being earned. This solution is usually best for the publisher with lots of page views and wants to take a less active role in ad monetization. Publishers with large amounts of long tail inventory will consider this option to be of great value as the variable rate can ebb and flow to heights substantially larger than a flat rate solution can. Variable rate structures allow our publishers to take advantage of the Ad Frontiers RTB Marketplace integration meaning that when the market rates go up, so too goes our CPM rate. We provide all our publishers a login to the AdFrontiers platform so they can watch the revenues rise as the markets ebb and flow.

With any of our custom solutions, the CPM rate we pay to you (whether flat-rate or variable-rate) is determined by you and should be competitive enough to keep us close to the top of your unsold stack, just below your direct sales efforts. We can expect solid fill-rates, healthy ECPMs, and long-term success, should you give our campaigns good visibility, solid position, and preferably have them served direct. (i.e. not as another advertisers’ passback.)

We currently run a handful of nationally branded campaigns; auto (makes not dealerships), telecommunications, airlines/travel, insurance, etc. If you provide us with a list of your current partners we will make sure not to serve their campaigns. All of our advertising is family-friendly and non-sexual. We’ve worked with, and currently work with religious and conservative websites without issue, so there will be zero Ad Quality issues.

We provide you with a login to our AdFrontiers ad-management platform so you can monitor your revenue totals generated by our campaigns. We pay you on a net 30 basis or we can pay you on a net 15 basis should you be able to accept AMEX or PayPal.

One thing that makes us different is that we are a small company that’s been around for over ten years. We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t have excellent customer service and top-notch tech.

If you have any Desktop or MobileWeb display inventory that we can purchase, please let us know and we can scheduled a quick call to discuss which of our custom solutions works best for you.

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